Month: March 2017

KWF Norway’s Summer Camp 2017 – INVITATION

We have the pleasure to invite you to KWF summer camp in Egersund

June 23rd (Friday ) to 26th (Monday ) 2017

karate training

We will have great time and enjoy karate training in lovely surroundings and with top class instructors.

Also this year we have the pleasure of having Shihan Antonio Pinero with 8. Dan from Spain with us. He is our president in Europe and we are are glad to have him with us. He has great experience with summer camps and training seminars in Europe. Continue reading “KWF Norway’s Summer Camp 2017 – INVITATION”

Messages from the IFK officials about the 5th World Open Romania 2017

The 5th IFK Kyokushin World Open Knockdown Tournament

will take place on 27th – 28th of May 2017in Sibiu – Romania.

Greeting messages

This is an KNOCKDOWN TOURNAMENT OPEN for all Kyokushin organisations. Competitors must represent their national federation and they must have minimum 2 years experience in Knockdown Karate.

Registration deadline: April 21th , 2017.
No late entries will be accepted!

More infos you can find on our official website:

Here are Greeting messages from IFK Officials Hanshi Steve Arneil, Shihan David Pickthall, Shihan Alexander Kerrigan, Sensei Christian Hirsch: Continue reading “Messages from the IFK officials about the 5th World Open Romania 2017”

10 Reasons Why Every Athlete in the World Should Meditate

With all the scientific evidence coming out in the past several years,

meditation is becoming something that can’t be overlooked. As anyone who’s ever played a sport knows, the biggest opponent is always inside. Meditation gives you ways to come to terms with this opponent.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, any athlete can benefit from the positive benefits of meditation. Meditation research on athletic performance is still very much in its infancy. However, meditation has been shown to help in other areas that could relate to athletic performance.

Every professional coach in the world should be looking at the thousands of studies that have shown the effectiveness of meditation.

Here are a few reasons why every athlete should consider the practice.

Continue reading “10 Reasons Why Every Athlete in the World Should Meditate”