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KWF Norway’s Summer Camp 2017 – INVITATION

We have the pleasure to invite you to KWF summer camp in Egersund

June 23rd (Friday ) to 26th (Monday ) 2017

karate training

We will have great time and enjoy karate training in lovely surroundings and with top class instructors.

Also this year we have the pleasure of having Shihan Antonio Pinero with 8. Dan from Spain with us. He is our president in Europe and we are are glad to have him with us. He has great experience with summer camps and training seminars in Europe.

What makes KWF summer camp one of the absolute best in Europe? We think much comes from the joy and enthusiasm that the instructors share among themselves. The coaches train closely to practitioners and show mutual respect. As well as remarkable karate skills at all levels, we promise a pleasant social environment, where we can guarantee that you will make many new friends and experiences.

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The camp starts 5pm on Friday and ends with graduation for all degrees 9am on Monday.

Dan grading takes place separately from kyu grading.

The camp is located in Egersund, ca. 5 minute walk distance from the center.

The camp will be held at Husabø, Egersund. We will sleep at Husabø elementary school, and we use Egersund Hall and adjacent soccer fields as training venue.

Address of the school is: Husabøveien 9, 4371 Egersund. Egersund karate club has offered to assist with transport from the station to the school

Please download full Invitation for KWF Norway’s Summer camp 2017

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