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KWU national federations and KWU team trip to Japan

At the moment several countries already have established national federations of KWU

Besides Russia, where all federations cooperate already for many years in the frames of the united Russian Association of Kyokushin, such countries as Chile, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Reunion Islands, and Kazakhstan have also established their national unions.

“We are very pleased with integration processes, which take place in KWU today. Without a doubt, the process is stimulated by the policy of KWU, which is aimed at the unification of various schools with the goal of participation and holding of joined competitions. What is also important – is the rules of holding national qualifications to the upcoming 3rd World Championship, which will be held in Tokyo on November 25-26, 2017”, KWU General Secretary Sergei Suvorov said to our webpage.

[bctt tweet=”We are very pleased with integration processes, which take place in KWU today” username=”kwunion”]

All countries were prescribed to conduct national qualifications with maximum involvement of organisations, developing Kyokushinkai in respective countries, in order to select the strongest competitors in all 15 weight categories (from this year on the super-light weight under 50 kg is added in female categories).

Hungary became the first country to have conducted national qualifications for the 3rd World Championship in 2017. Its official representatives have already received access for the electronic registration of their team at the official site of the 3rd Championship of the World

Today, on March 24, 2017, the working group of the Organizing committee of the 3rd Championship of the World 2017 is departing from Moscow to Tokyo.

In its program is the visit to the KWF KARATE GRANDPRIX, which will be held in Chiba city under the guidance of Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka.

The Organizing committee of the World Championship 2017 has prepared a surprise for all KWU supporters. Stay tuned for our news!

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