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Guidelines for participants at the 4th KWU World Championship

Guidelines for participants at the 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship among men and women in weight categories

December 7-8, 2019, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Information for coaches, medics and supporters

The above stated categories of the World Championship’s participants pay all their expenses on their own.

The applications for hotel booking, visa support and buying of the tickets to the arena you should send to the e-mail – with a phrase ‘Team of (your country)’ in the subject line, only after registration on the official website.

Deadline: not later than 01.11.2019.


The World Championship’s participants of this category pay all their expenses on their own.

In order to be registered as an official a candidate should send a request to the e-mail – with a phrase ‘Officials’ in the subject line and provide the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Job position
  • Status in Kyokushin

Your application will be considered and after that you will receive a reply. The status of “Officials” is confirmed only after receiving confirmation from the official e-mail of the World Championship.

Attention! Registration of officials on the website is not provided. If you have registered on the website as a supporter and sent a request to the e-mail, but did not receive confirmation,  you will be able to attend the World Championship only as a supporter, without being provided with a badge.


The official judges are selected on the side of KWU among the KWU accredited judges. The list of the approved judges is published on the official website of the World Championship –

Candidates for judging can take part in the judging seminar, which will be held on December 4-6, 2019 in Nur-Sultan. To do this they should send a request to the e-mail with a phrase ‘Candidates for judging’ in the subject line. All financial expenses they pay on their own.

The Supreme Judge of the World Championship is Yuri Trutnev, 6th Dan, Russia.

The Deputy Supreme Judge of the World Championship is Ramil Gabbasov, 5th Dan, Russia.

Visa support

In order to get visa support from KWU you should complete the following steps:

1) To register competitors, coaches, medics and supporters on the official website of the championship.

2) To send the request to the official e-mail of the World Championship – with a list of candidates for judging (with a phrase «Candidates for judging»), and a list of the Officials (with a phrase «Officials» in the subject line). Please attach to this email their passport copies (a page with photo) in a good quality.

3) To book a Hotel for supporters, candidates for judging, officials, coaches and medics by sending a request to the official e-mail of the World Championship.

4) To send to the e-mail – a request for visa support with a phrase «Visas for (your country) ».

Please see the order of enter and stay of foreigners in the Republic of Kazakhstan in Annex 1. Find your country in the list and check whether you need visa.

Recommendations concerning flights

All categories of the World Championship’s participants cover the cost of their flight to Nur-Sultan and back on their own.

The Organizing Committee highly recommends buying a unified ticket from the city, where you live to Kazakhstan since it can:

  1. significantly lower the risk of a late arrival,
  2. significantly reduce your expenses.


The accredited hotels of the 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship:

“Radisson Hotel, Astana” (Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Saryarka Avenue 4)

“Park Inn by Radisson Astana” (Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Saryarka Avenue 8).

The official hotel for judges is “Astana Marriott Hotel” (Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Dostyk Street 2)

Hotel booking should be made only by sending a request to the e-mail – with a phrase «Hotels» in the subject line not later than 01.11.2019.

For registered competitors and approved official judges KWU will book the hotel rooms on its own. There is no need to send a request for booking for these categories of participants.


Martial Arts Palace “Jekpe-jek”

41 Kabanbai batyr avenue, Esil district, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Entrance to the arena

The competitors will be able to access the warm-up area by presenting their badges.

On the second day of the competition, those who will not get through to the finals will be offered special spectators’ seats, which they can attend with their badges.

Officials, who will be approved by KWU, will get the badges, which will allow them to take seats in the special spectators’ sector. (this option is available only when the official status is confirmed by email )

Coaches and medics on December, 7th will be admitted to the warm-up area with their badges presented.

On December, 8th coaches and medics will be admitted to the warm-up area only if the competitor, whom they accompany, fights in the final bouts of the World Championship.

While registering on the website, a coach is required to specify names of the competitors whom he or she will accompany to the tatami. A competitor can be accompanied to the tatami by only one coach, the one who specified the name of this particular competitor in the registration form. Moreover, the names of competitors specified in the registration form will be written on coaches’ badges.

Supporters should buy tickets to the arena by sending a request to the e-mail – with a phrase «Ticket to the arena» in the subject line.




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