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In the last days before the championship we will introduce you favorites of the 3rd KWUCHAMP


In the 3rd KWU World Championship, in 9 weight categories, more than 200 men will take part. Of these, 146 fighters are holders of black belts and among them are two shihans (6th and 5th dan), 28 senseis (4th and 3rd dan), 51 possesses 2nd dan, and 65 competitors have 1st dan. Continue reading “FAVORITES OF THE 3rd KWU WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP”

KWUCHAMP 2017: Welcome IKO Nakamura!

We would like to welcome IKO Nakamura for sending his fighter to our KWU World Championship

kwuchamp 2017 welcome iko nakamura

The IKO Nakamura lead by Sosui Makoto Nakamura, has sent his fighter Toranosukekagechika Sawai to our KWU World Championship. Continue reading “KWUCHAMP 2017: Welcome IKO Nakamura!”

Jonas Rosin – Kyokushin is my passion

Things we want to know about Jonas Rosin and his honest answers:

Jonas Rosin - Kyokushin is my passion

How long have you been doing Kyokushin? How did you start, who was your coach?

I have been training for 14 years, since I was seven years old. I started because my father trained when he was young. He introduced me to Kyokushin and I haven’t stopped since. Continue reading “Jonas Rosin – Kyokushin is my passion”

Alexandar Komanov – “Nothing is impossible”

Things we want to know about Alexandar Komanov and his honest answers:

How did you start your journey in Kyokushin? Why did you choose Kyokushin? Who was your coach?
Kyokushin is a family tradition for me and my brother Ivan. Our couch is our father Evgeni Komanov. We were very little when we started our first lessons of karate. Continue reading “Alexandar Komanov – “Nothing is impossible””

Kyokushin World Championship mascots are in a great physical shape!

A female sable Katya and a male bear Burzhick

took part in an open Kyokushin training session

Kyokushin World Championship mascots great physical shape

Dozens of young athletes came there specifically to take a look at the World Championship mascots. Before they knew it, both the sable and the bear found themselves at a master-class given by an honored coach of Russia Andrei Bura and two times world champions Evgeniy Mamro and Marsel Mansurov. Continue reading “Kyokushin World Championship mascots are in a great physical shape!”