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KWUCHAMP 2017: Important information for all participants

Handout for participants, Schedule of Credentials Committee and

Programme for Judges and Participants

Download ► Handout for participants_eng

You will be met at the airport. Find the volunteers with the plaque of the 3rd KWU World Championship or the desk of the Championship.

In the airport the special transport will wait for you, which will take you to the official hotel, where you will live.

For fighters:
Step № 1 – Get an accreditation badge at the desk of the World Championship at the hotel.
Step № 2 – Go to the reception for check in

For other categories:
Step № 1 – pay for accommodation
Step № 2 – check in the hotel
Step № 3 – go to the accreditation center

Working hours of the accreditation center:
Place Working hours
1) Atrium Palace Hotel
Kujbysheva St., 44, Ekaterinburg December 5th 2017 14.00-20.00
December 6th 2017 09.00-20.00
December 7th 2017 08.00-23.00
December 8th 2017 09.00-22.00
Olympic quay, 3, Ekaterinburg December 9th 2017 08.30 – 19.00
December 10th 2017 12.00 – 20.00

Credentials committee – December 8th
It is necessary to come at the Credentials Committee 15 minutes prior the time appointed in the schedule. We kindly ask you to follow the schedule strictly!
We also ask you to bring with you all your documents and your kyokushin belt. Women should show the protective equipment.

Draw meeting – December 8th
Draw meeting will be held after the credentials committee. All draws you can see on December 8th on the official site of the Championship –

Common meeting – December 8th
Common meeting will be held on December 8th at 1800 near the hall, where the Credentials Committee was held(World Trade Center, 3rd floor, cinema-conference hall, passage through the «Atrium Palace Hotel» by navigation

First day of the Championship – December 9th
We kindly ask you not to be late for the buses that will depart to the arena “DIVS”
On December 9th tournament will be held on 3 tatami. We kindly ask you to attentively follow the information in the warm-up zone and to not be late on the tatami.

Final day of the Championship – December 10th
In the morning you will be waited by city tour of Ekaterinburg.
Next, you should quickly take your lunch – we kindly ask you to follow the schedule strictly!
At 1330 departure to the arena “DIVS” of the fighters, who do not fight in the final bouts.
Every fighter should bring with he/she the karategi!
Attention: during the rehearsal you will see a unique Open Ceremony, which you will not be able to see at the beginning of the event, because you will participate in the Open Ceremony personally.
Every fighter must participate in the Open Ceremony!

Sayonara – December 10th
Sayonara party will be held at the night club “Maximilian’s, which is situated near the “Atrium Palace Hotel”, “Onegin” and “Panorama” hotels.

Departure of all delegations from the hotel – December 11th.
It is necessary to check out the hotel before 1200
We kindly ask you to show us your back tickets at the credentials committee, so we can get you to the airport.

See you soon!
Best regards,
Organizing committee of the 3rd KWU Kyokushin
World Championship

Download ► Schedule of Credentials Committee

Download ► Programme for Judges and Participants


график МК ЧМ 2017_итог

Программа ЧМ KWU 2017_в рассылку



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