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On behalf of the entire Kyokushin-Kan USA organization,

we would like to invite you to the very first seminar in America by legendary Kyokushin-Kan leader Kancho Hatsuo Royama. This Seminar will be held in the beautiful community of Vero Beach, Florida May 24-26th 2019.


Don’t miss this opportunity to train with Kancho Royama, assisted by Shihan Ishijima, Shihan Hennie Bosman, Shihan Hamid Asna, Shihan Tom Callahan and Sensei Taku Yokozawa. Continue reading “KANCHO HATSUO ROYAMA 1st ever USA Seminar”

Sensei Bernard Adeline is already part of Kyokushin-kan USA

Sensei Bernard Adeline has been training in Kyokushin for 33+ years

and has been a Sandan for 20 years. Sensei Bernard Adeline join in Kyokushin-Kan USA!

Shihan Tom Callahan announced the news in March and already shared their training sessions. 

Kyokushin Karate – Colorado Springs, Colorado (Sensei Bernard Adeline)  shared “Awesome training refinement also ikken and bo staff training today with Shihan Tom, we learn a lot and appreciate the knowledge given, respect, thank you to all the students who attended the training. Osu.”

Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!

Kyokushin-Kan USA would like to welcome new Branch Chiefs

Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes 12 new dojos

Shihan Mike Speagle (North Carolina), Shihan Eric Mercado (Pennsylvania), Sensei William Brown (North Carolina), Sensei Keith Hill (Seattle) and their respective dojos to the KAN family. Continue reading “Kyokushin-Kan USA explodes with the addition of 12 new dojos!”