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Michael Monaco’s IFK tournament in Rochester, New York

Shihan Nathan Ligo shared the news on his Facebook profile:

Kyokushin-kan kata Tournament results at IFK tournament in Rochester, New York

Nathan Ligo

Congratulations to Anna Zehr for her first place win in her Green Belt division. I took 2nd place in men’s Masters division.

The judging was very correct. The first place winner was from Gojo-ryu, and he was very good, and deserving. Miriam Amy Kirshner took second place in her division, and Chloe Nash took third place in that same division. The first place winner in that division was also from an Okinawan style. Clay was 3rd place in her black belt division for teens. Hiroki Kuriyama took second place in his green belt division for adult men. Josiah was 4th place in his division for 12 year old blue belts. Stephanie Edwards, Samuel Edwards, and Geoffrey Hegedus took second, third, and fourth place in their division for orange belts. Lots of first-time Fighters fighting this afternoon. We will do our best to keep everyone safe and victorious.

Nathan Ligo

Strong spirit for these 1st or 2nd time fighters from Ligo Dojo at Michael Monaco’s IFK tournament in Rochester, New York. Congratulations: Miriam Amy Kirshner, Chloe Nash, Anna Zehr, Geoffrey Hegedus, Stephanie Edwards, Samuel Edwards, Hiroki Kuriyama.

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