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KWU Introduce the Kata discipline into the KWU rules

On 04.12.2021 was held a meeting of the Executive Committee of Kyokushin World Union (KWU). At the meeting attended Shihan David Pickthall – President of International Federation of Karate (IFK), Shihan Antonio Pinero – President of Kyokushin World Federation (KWF), Shihan Hatsuo Royama – President of Kyoukushin-kan International (KI), Shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov – Secretary-General of KWU and Polina Sheremeteva – Secretary of KWU. The Executives decided to expand the rules of KWU for competitions and with a unanimous decision added Kata discipline for all ages and levels as follows: 

Competitions can be held in the following formats:
a) individual: in «kata», participants compete with each other in demonstration of relevant complexes of formal exercises.
b) team: in «team-kata», groups of several athletes simultaneously perform one formal complex. In this case, the performance of the team is evaluated as a whole.

Competitions in all disciplines are held separately for male and female participants, with the exception of:
a) Kata competitions among boys and girls 8-9 years old and boys and girls 10-11 years old – held at the national level: Championship and Youth Championship of the country;
b) competitions in a “team kata” discipline.

Sports competitions are held in age groups according to the list:

1. Boys, girls 8-9 – Individual and Team – Youth Championship of the country
2. Boys, girls 10-11 – Individual and Team – Youth Championship of the country
3. Boys, girls 12-13 – Individual and Team – Youth World Championship, Continent
4. Boys, girls 14-15 – Individual and Team – Youth World Championship, Continent
5. Juniors 16-17 – Individual and Team – Youth World Championship, Continent
6. Men, women 18 and above – Individual and Team – World Championship, Continent

Please note the level of competition for different age groups!

Kata competition is organized analogously to kumite competition:
а) competition is held according to the Olympic system with the elimination of the defeated competitor (bouts for the 3rd place are optional);
b) athletes compete in pairs, which are decided by the draw held in advance;
c) in each competing pair the judging panel determines the winner, who passes to the next round of the competition.

List of compulsory kata
12-13 years old:
1 ROUND – Pinan Sono Ichi
2 ROUND – Pinan Sono Ni
3 ROUND – Pinan Sono San
4 ROUND – Pinan Sono Yon
5 ROUND – Pinan Sono Go
14-15 years old:
1 ROUND – Pinan Sono Go
2 ROUND – Gekisai Dai
3 ROUND – Tsuki No Kata
4 ROUND – Yantsu
5 ROUND – Saiha
16-17 years old:
1 ROUND – Tsuki No Kata
2 ROUND – Yantsu
3 ROUND – Saiha
4 ROUND – Gekisai Sho
5 ROUND – Seienchin
18+ years old
1 ROUND – Gekisai Sho
2 ROUND – Seienchin
3 ROUND – Kanku Dai
4 ROUND – Seipai
5 ROUND – Sushiho

More details can be found here:

Правила KWU по ката

KWU kata rules

If you have any questions, please contact the KWU HQ office:


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