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Sensational Success at the KWU SENSHI GP and One Match Challenges at Arnold Sports

On April 6, the Arnold Sports Festival hosted a martial arts event that captured the attention and admiration of the audience: the KWU SENSHI GP and One Match challenges. The competition was marked by thrilling matches and displays of skill and determination that thrilled the spectators.

One of the most anticipated fights of the event was the One Match in the women’s absolute category, featuring Stefanye Santos and Bianca Takiya. Despite facing an opponent with a considerable weight advantage, Bianca Takiya showed unmatched determination, bravely fighting until the end. However, the victory went to Stefanye Santos by unanimous decision of the judges, in a battle that highlighted the fighting spirit and refined technique of the athletes.

In the men’s absolute category, the audience witnessed another electrifying fight, where Silvino Brandão faced Sérgio Alves Jr. in a match so balanced that an extra round was needed to determine the winner. Silvino Brandão, with a display of technique and resilience, emerged victorious, adding even more excitement to the event.

Besides these remarkable confrontations, the event featured other notable One Match fights. Ian Saito achieved a victory by unanimous decision against Eiki Anraku, while Danilo Andrighetti impressed by defeating Rodrigo Vitullo by knockout in the second round, demonstrating the strength and accuracy of his strikes.

The KWU SENSHI GP was also a major highlight, with Eduardo Fanfa winning the champion title. Cristiano da Silva took second place, while Flávio Henrique and Cleber Matos shared the third position, each showing exceptional skills and competitive spirit.

The tameshiwari championship, a breaking test, saw Ivan Navarro Zonta emerge as the champion, with Elizeu Barroso da Silva in a commendable second place, both demonstrating impressive strength.

To complete the event, a workshop was held by renowned martial arts figures: Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Glaube Feitosa, and Sensei Andrews Nakahara. The session was acclaimed as a success, providing participants with a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

This year’s edition of the KWU SENSHI GP and One Match challenges at the Arnold Sports Festival not only provided breathtaking spectacles but also reaffirmed the event as a highlight in the martial arts calendar, eagerly awaited by athletes and fans alike.

Official Results:

One Match Youth

Ian Saito defeats Eiki Anraku by unanimous decision.

One Match Veteran

Danilo Andrighetti defeats Rodrigo Vitullo by ippon in the second round.

One Match Women’s Absolute 

Stefanye Santos defeats Bianca Takiya by unanimous decision.

One Match Men’s Absolute 

Silvino Brandão defeats Sérgio Alves Jr. after an extra round.


Champion: Eduardo Fanfa. 

Second place: Cristiano da Silva. 

Third place: Flávio Henrique and Cleber Matos.


Champion: Ivan Navarro Zonta. 

Second place: Elizeu Barroso da Silva.

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