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IFK Canada Seminar Report

From April 3rd to April 10th, we had the visit and the pleasure to attend an IFK World Seminar hosted by Shihan Eddy Gabathuler – IFK Switzerland Country Representative & IFK World Board Member. He visited the new IFK CANADA headquarters, Karaté Mascouche, based in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

This wonderful event was attended by IFK Canada Board Administration Members: Sensei Francois Presseault – Country Representative & President, Shihan Gaetan Sauvé, Shihan Real Gagnon – IFK Canada Advisors, Sensei Jean François Verreault – Treasure, Sensei Pascal Hemond – General Secretary IFK Canada and several other Sensei’s and Kohai’s.

Several Dojos from all over the United States, the Province of Quebec, and Ontario were represented. The event was also honored by the presence of Shihan Mike Monaco, USA Country Representative and member of the IFK World Board. 10 Dojos and over 55 participants.

Shihan Eddy landed in Montreal on Wednesday, April 3rd, we took advantage of his presence over a homemade dinner to discuss Karate extensively along with several uprising projects in IFK Canada.

The action began on Thursday, April 4th afternoon with a private training session at KaratéMascouche Dojo. Detailed explanations were given on physical preparation before training, explosiveness in Knockdown, and physical conditioning. Needless to say, it was an intense session.

Thursday evening brought a surprise at Karaté Mascouche as Shihan Eddy honored us by teaching a class on the 10th Kihon and Zenkutsu Dachi to white belts. The evening continued with a private Kata training session for Sempaï Raphael Descheneaux in preparation for the IFK World Kata Championship 2024. Following this intensive session, the students received an inspiring lesson about fighting along with Kyokushin self-defense techniques. Needless to say, it was extraordinary.

The agenda continued Friday, April 5 with a private session on angles in Knockdown Fighting for the Karaté Mascouche team, along with some extraordinary kicking techniques. The team left the training session highly inspired. The real program kicked off and started on Friday evening with the arrival of all members of dojos from the USA and Canada. The first two hours of the seminar passed quickly, focusing on explosiveness and self-defense based on the Kyokushin approach! We all left the training session highly motivated for the following day!

Saturday arrived with intensive six hours of training for all! Sunday – The final touch!

Shihan Eddy quickly set the rhythm of the day by working our muscles in the Kyokushin style. He then opened our minds, one lesson at a time, covering Kihons, Renraku from the IFK syllabus, gradations, combat, and street self-defense. It was not only highly enriching but also incredibly interesting for dojo owners who can teach it afterward. Shihan Eddy is simply a grand master in technique, teaching, and martial knowledge.

Saturday evening was spent enjoying a good dinner together with friends and family members, reconnecting friendships, establishing new connections, and strengthening the unique IFK family bond. Sunday morning arrived swiftly in Mascouche, marking the final touch training session and belt promotions of our New Shihan Mikhail Zimerman, our new Yondan – Sensei Jean -Francois Verreault, Sensei Sylvain D’Astout and Sensei Denis Lyrette. We reflected on the themes of the past hours, 10 hours of training in 3 days, focusing on Kihon, Ippon Kumite, and Renraku, all from the perspective of Kyokushin for the street. Participants learned so much and were so inspired by Shihan Eddy to follow their Kyokushin path with an open mind.

Shihan Eddy and Shihan Monaco honored us by awarding Shodan, Nidan, Yodan, and Godan ranks on behalf of IFK World. The word “Family” was celebrated during these belt promotions. The quality of IFK karatekas is incomparable. Thanks to the knowledge gained under Shihan Eddy’s guidance, everyone has become better martial artists, with a much broader understanding of our IFK syllabus techniques.

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