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A Thrilling Day of Kyokushin at Papendal: Youth Competitions and Unified Training

Another unforgettable Kyokushin day unfolded at Papendal, brimming with excitement and camaraderie! The spotlight shone on our youngest warriors, aged 6 to 14, as they showcased their skills during the annual competition day. With over 80 kids participating in kata, team kata, and kumite, the spirit of Kyokushin filled the air, and today, every participant emerged a winner!

The energy was palpable as parents cheered on their sons and daughters from the sidelines, sharing in the thrill of their achievements on the mat. Stay tuned for the captivating photos capturing the essence of this youth-filled day!

But the action didn’t stop there! This morning, our selection underwent rigorous training at 10:00 am under the guidance of our esteemed federal coaches, pushing the boundaries of their physical prowess.

Following this, our regular central training for seniors commenced at 11:00, welcoming members from IBK Kyokushin Nederland and the Fight Game Academy of Semmy Schilt. It was heartwarming to witness the unity and solidarity as we trained and fought side by side, regardless of our diverse backgrounds.

Combat training was led by our dedicated team coaches Andre van Wezel and Jet Groot Kormelink, alongside the legendary Semmy Schilt to cap off the day. Their expertise and leadership added the perfect finishing touch to a successful day.

With spirits high and determination unyielding, we eagerly anticipate the next gathering on April 21st!

NKKO: Full in contact – Strong in life. Together, we continue to uphold the values of Kyokushin and forge ahead on our journey of growth and excellence.

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