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As the IFK reflect on the success of the 3rd KWU World Championships

in Ekaterinburg we can only marvel at the work of the organizers.

This event has set the bar as to where we would aim to be if we achieved Olympic status and it shows we are more than capable of doing it! Continue reading “KWUCHAMP 2017: WHAT A SHOW!”

KWUCHAMP 2013: Playlist with all Finals

While the passions around the 3rd KWUCHAMP 2017 have not gone,

let’s remember the 1st in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Let’s see how many fighters have changed. You will see familiar faces: Angelika Sabaeva, Emma Markwell, Farid Kassumov, Alexander Komanov and more famous names…

Playlist finals

Here is PLAYLIST on our YouTube Channel: Continue reading “KWUCHAMP 2013: Playlist with all Finals”