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The Results from the KWU World Cup among men and women

On July 5th, in a framework of the 17th KWU International Summer camp was held the KWU World Cup for men and women in the open weight category. A total of 21 women and 55 men from 25 countries around the world competed on the tatami. This, for sure, was an exciting event, with athletes from all over gathering together to showcase their skills! 

We want to congratulate all participants, their coaches, and supporters for their hard work and dedication. This is a great accomplishment that deserves recognition!



1st place Anjey Kinzerskiy (Kazakhstan)

2nd place Daiya Katagiri (Japan)

3rd place Vojtech Krejar (Czech Republic)

4th place Vasil Dimitrov (Bulgaria)


1st place Agnes Westrin (Sweden)

2nd place Amina Dossymbek (Kazakhstan)

3rd place Ulzhan Rakisheva (Kazakhstan)

4th place Yulia Sedelnikova (Ukraine)

Fighting spirit 
Vasil Dimitrov (Bulgaria) and Amina Dossymbek (Kazakhstan)

Best technique 
Anjey Kinzerskiy (Kazakhstan) and Agnes Westrin (Sweden)

Best Tameshiwari 
Adrian Nicolae (Romania) and Ben Othmen Amal (Tunisia)

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