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Huge success for Kazakhstan fighters at the KWU World Cup Varna for junior and cadets

The fights for the KWU Varna World Cup for juniors and cadets, which took place in the Sports and Health Complex in Kamchia, where the participants numbered nearly 400 karatekas from 27 countries, were challenging.

This year was one of the best for the Kazakhstan Kyokushin fighters. The national team won 14 titles and 23 silver and bronze medals. The Bulgarian national team finished second in the championship chart with three titles. The other three gold medals go to Hungary, Azerbaijan, and Tunis, with one each.

In the youngest age group, 14-15 years old, the boys who grabbed the honorary gold medals are the two Kazakhstanis, Ayat Issakhan, cat. 50 kg. and Kirill Rubakhov, cat. 60 kg, Gencho Vatev from Bulgaria in the cat. 70 kg, and Danila Oshkin, also from Kazakhstan, in the cat. 70+ kg. The gold for the girls went to Alina Ramazanova in cat. 45 kg and Kamilla Maussynbayeva in cat. 55 kg from Kazakhstan, Janka Notheisz from Hungary in the cat. 60 kg, and Danila Oshkin, also from Kazakhstan, in the cat. 70+ kg.

The three Kazakhs, Viktor Grazhdanov, Rufat Romanuly, and Mikhail Babayev won first place in the second age group, 16-17 years old, in the following categories – 55 kg, 65 kg, and 75 kg. Abderrahman Dridi from Tunisia won the gold in the cat. 75+ kg. Zhaniya Kassymova, Angelina Perch, and Alina Ossipenko added another three medals for Kazakhstan in the same age group in categories: 55 kg, 65 kg, and 65+ kg.

In the last age group, 18-21 years old, the Kazakhstanis Anton Zimarev and Anjey Kinzerskiy won the gold in cat. 75 kg. and 85 kg. Viktor Kolev was the winner for Bulgaria in the cat. 85+ kg. Kamila Kemelbekova brought another two victories for Kazakhstan and Bulgaria in cat. 60 kg and Hristiana Dimitrova in cat. 60+ kg.

Almost 400 fighters from 27 countries were challenged in the KWU World Cup. The champions and prize-winners in the age categories 14-15 years and 16-17 years were awarded medals, certificates, and cups. The final four in the 18-21 years category also received cash prizes.

The KWU Varna World Cup was held within the international summer camp of KWU and BKKF, which is currently underway in Kamchia. Special guests and judges of the championship were luminaries in the martial arts, including Shihan Akira Masuda, Shihan Francisco Filho, Shihan Semmy Schilt, and many more martial legends who also conducted their own training within the camp.

Another important event starts today – the KWU World Cup for men and women in the open category and it will be held at the same place. You can follow all the matches and the World Cup KWU Varna results on our website. 

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