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Kyokushin Kumite

Kyokushin Kumite is a type of full-contact karate that emphasizes physical and mental strength. It consists of sparring matches where two opponents face off in a ring, using techniques such as punches, kicks, throws, sweeps, and blocks to defeat their opponent. 

Kumite, or sparring, is an essential part of Karate training. Beginners typically use the Kihon kumite techniques with ample protective gear to avoid injuries. However, Kyokushin kumite is a more advanced form that does not involve gloves or other types of protection during their sessions. Instead, it permits kicks against the head and body as well as punches and knee strikes against the opponent’s body.

This type of kumite has even given rise to the famous “100-man kumite,” where one person fights 100 rounds against multiple opponents at similar levels – making it arguably the most difficult style of kumite out there.

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