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Success for KWU fighters on the 3rd WKB European championship

On March 23, 2019 was held the 3rd European Weight Category Kyokushin Karate Championship (World Kyokushin Budokai — WKB).


1. Igor Dotsenko (Ukraine, WKB)
2. Benjamin Frances (Spain, IFK)
3. Edgar Luna (Spain, Rengokai)

1. Natalia Kondeusz (Poland, WKB)
2. Marina Skamorokhova (Ukraine, WKB)
3. Sonia Bou (Spain)

1. Eneko Delgado Deacosta (Spain, WKB)
2. Mikhail Lavrentyev (Kazakhstan, WKB)
3. Julian Ruiz Vera (Spain, WKB)
3. Davit Karapetyan (Armenia, IFK)

1. Cristian Gavara Egea (Spain, Kyokushin Kan Dinamic)
2. Hugo Cruz Castello (Spain, IFK)
3. Samuel Techer (France, WKB)
3. Yaroslav Martynovich (Ukraine, Kenbukai)

1. Jonas Rosin (Sweden, IFK)
2. Nikita Peshenko (Ukraine, WKB)
3. Andrian Rojo Mula (Spain, WKB)
3. Juan Carlos Auge (Spain, WKB)

1. Juan Crujeiras (Spain, WKB)
2. Semen Garan (Ukraine, WKB)
3. Mikhail Chernov (Ukraine, WKB)
3. Boris Bulyskeriia (Ukraine, WKB)

Open category
1. Agnes Westrin (Sweden, IFK)
2. Julie Lamarre (Canada, Kyokushin-kan)
3. Samira Yazit (Canada, Kyokushin-kan)

There will be update with Juniors results!

KWU World Cup 2022 YouTube playlist│5.07.2022

SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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