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Schedule of Credential Committee and Handout for participants

The 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship

among men and women in weight categories will be held on December 7-8, 2019, Qazaqstan, Nur-Sultan

The whole team should arrive on December 6th, at the Park Inn Hotel 10 minutes in advance before the time specified in the schedule of the credentials committee.

Download: 2019 – WC_KWU – Schedule of the Credentials Committee


Handout for participants

  • Meeting

You will be met at the airport. Please find the volunteers with a sign of the 4th KWU World Championship or the desk of the Championship.

  • Accommodation

There will be organized transfer from the airport to the official hotel, where you stay.

 Official hotels of the 4th KWU World Championship:

 «Park Inn by Radisson», Saryarka Avenue 8а, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

«Radisson Hotel Astana», Saryarka Avenue 4, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

  • Accreditation

For fighters:

Step № 1 – get an accreditation badge at the desk of the World Championship at the hotel

Step № 2 – go to the reception for check-in

For other categories:

Step № 1 – pay for accommodation

Step № 2 – check-in the hotel

Step № 3 – go to the accreditation center

 Working hours of the accreditation center: 

Place Date Working hours
1) Radisson Hotel Astana, “Astana” Hall,

Saryarka Avenue 4, Nur-Sultan

5 December 2019

6 December 2019



Place Date Working hours
2) Martial Arts Palace «Jekpe-Jek Saray», 43 Kabanbai batyr avenue, Nur-Sultan 7 December 2019

8 December 2019



  • Credentials committee – December 6th

It is necessary to come at the Credentials Committee 10 minutes prior the time appointed in the schedule. We kindly ask you to follow the schedule strictly!

We also ask you to bring with you all the documents top of dogi and your kyokushin belt. Women competitors are required to present their protective equipment.

Credentials Committee will be held at «Park Inn by Radisson» Hotel, 2 floor.

  • Drawing procedure – December 6th

Drawing procedure will be held after the credentials committee. All draws will be available on December 6th on the official website of the Championship –

General Meeting will be held on December 6th at 1800.

Venue: «Radisson Hotel Astana», hall of the 1st floor.

  • First day of the World Championship – December 7th

We kindly ask you not to be late for the buses that will depart to the Martial Arts Palace «Jekpe-Jek Saray».

On December 7th the tournament will be held on 3 tatami. We kindly ask you to attentively follow the information in the warm-up zone and not to be late on the tatami.

  • Final day of the World Championship – December 8th

In the morning, you are invited for an excursion to the Nur-Alem Pavilion of the Congress Centre EXPO.

After that, you should quickly take your lunch – we kindly ask you to follow the schedule strictly!

At 1345 departure to the Martial Arts Palace «Jekpe-Jek Saray» of all competitors who were not qualified for the second day of the tournament.

All fighters are required to bring their dogi with them!

Attention: during the rehearsal, you will see a unique Open Ceremony, which you will not be able to see at the beginning of the event, because you will participate in the Opening Ceremony personally.

Participation in the Opening Ceremony is obligatory for all competitors!

  • Sayonara party – December 8th

Sayonara party will be held at the official hotel of the World Championship «Radisson Hotel Astana» on the 1st floor.

  • Departure of teams – December 9th.

Check out from the hotel should be done by 1200

See you soon!

Best regards,

Organizing committee of the 4th KWU Kyokushin World Championship


ENG Handout for Participants KWU 2019

RU Памятка для спортсменов ЧМ KWU 2019



ENG Programme of WC KWU 2019 – For participants

RU программа ЧМ KWU 2019 – Для участников


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