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Open Asian Championships of Kyokushinkai-kan karate

June 16-17, 2018 in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana

will host the Open Asian Championships of Kyokushinkai-kan karate.

Open Asian Championships

The strongest fighters from all over Asia are expected to identify the best. The Championship will be held among sportsmen from 12 and over years in 37 weight categories, in two disciplines: “Kumite” and “Kata”.

All representatives of KWU members can take part in the Asia Championship.

Event Information

Asian Weight Wategory Championship of Kyokushinkai-kan karate among youth, juniors, girls, women and men

Dear representatives of Kyokushin karate, 
The Republic National federation of Kyokushinkai-kan karate invite you and your team to participate in the Asian Weight Category Championship of Kyokushinkai-kan karate among youth, juniors, girls, women and men.

Conditions of participation in the Asian Championship

Representatives of the national federations KAN, IFK, KWF, WKO of Asian countries are allowed to participate in the Asian Championship who have been selected in the National Championships from 12 years and old with belt rank qualification from 6-th kyu and up.

Registration for the application
Applications are accepted by e-mail:
Applications must be completed in the form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Application dead-line – 2018, May 15

Organization Committee:
Chairman of the Organizing commitee – mr. Oxikbayev Omarkhan
Vice-president – Abilkairov Sairanbek (+7-701-52-111-08);
Head secretary – Azamat Khamzin (+7-707-540-55-12),;
International department secretary – Ruslan Alshimbayev (+7-701-543-35-28),

General rules
The Asian Championships by kumite will be held according to the KWU rules, which are posted on the official website –
The Asian Championships by kata will be held according to the Kyokushin-kan rules, which are posted on the official website –

The official list of accredited judges will be published on the official website –
• Chief judge of the Asian Championship – Royama Hatsuo, 9-th dan, Japan;
• Deputy Chief Judge of the Asian Championship by «Kumite» – Gabbasov Ramil, 5-th Dan, Russian Federation;
• Assistant Chief judge of the Asian Championships – Lim Igor, 3-rd dan, Kazakhstan
• Deputy Chief Judge of the Asian Championship by «Kata» – Miyama Khiroshi, 5-th dan, Japan


Appendix 1 – kumite application form

Appendix 2 – Judge application form

Appendix 3 – Agreement from the Guardian

Appendix 4 Appendix 5 – accomodation form

Appendix 6 – team list

Appendix 7 – kata application form

Appendix 8 – Fighter’s Agreement

Asia Champs Event information


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