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KWU World Youth Cup 2021 – finals cadets 18-21 years old

On July 6th was held KWU World Youth Cup for juniors 14-15 years old, juniors 16-17 years old, and cadets 18-21 years old with a total of 434 participants from 24 countries. Here you can see the results

Special Prizes:

Spirit: Atanas Georgiev (Bulgaria), Sergey Dukhov (Kazakhstan), Fevzican Kutlu (Turkey), Yuriy Rusin (Ukraine), Selvi Naz Parlak (Turkey), Cerennur Tasir (Turkey)

Knockout of the KWU World Yout Cup: Rasim Mamedov (Russia)

Best Technique: Nursultan Khozhamuratov (Kazakhstan), Nazar Kavazov (Kazakhstan), Konstantin Galiev (Russia), Agnes Frida Christina Westrin (Sweden), Kateryna Tataurova (Ukraine), Vasilena Petkova (Bulgaria)

Team’s Results:

  1. Russia 
  2. Kazakhstan 
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Ukraine
  5. Turkey
  6. Germany
  7. Armenia 
  8. Sweden
  9. Belarus
  10. Latvia

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KWU World Cup 2022 YouTube playlist│5.07.2022

SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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