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KWF Kyokushin National Open Championship of Armenia

Finally, on May 28, it took place the long-awaited Kyokushin National Open Championship of KWF Armenia,

organized by the KWF Armenia, which was chosen to be held on the day of the First Armenian Republic ‘s anniversary of 1918 devoted to the symbolic day of our old and new victories.

The opening ceremony of this unprecedented event was inaugurated by the fourth president of the federation, the International black belt 4 dan Spartak Gasparyan.

After the demonstrative showcase of beautiful performances, It was held the original competition, where participated the 1,000 members of the federation.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we want more victories for both our first and second places, and our athletes who are third in the competition, in spite of this, the participation is also a victory.

Summing up the results, It will be formed the Armenian delegation, in order to present our country with honor and dignity to international tournaments.

Once again, we thank and congratulate all the participants, parents, followers of the federation and those who patiently help and support the organizers to take the competition and ensure uninterrupted work.

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