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IFK Canada Karate Kyokushin Seminar 2018

August 24-26, IFK Canada Headquarters – Contact Kicks Dojo,

hosted a seminar with world champion Sensei Darren Stringer 4 Dan, of England, UK.

FK Canada Karate Kyokushin Seminar 2018

Sensei Darren Stringer is considered an “all rounder”. He is at home performing in Kata competitions as he is fighting in Full-contact Knockdown tournaments.

​Kata Competitions

2010 British Individual Kata – 1st Place

2010 IFK 3rd World Kata Championships – Switzerland- 1st Place

2014 IFK World Kata Tournament – 1st place

Knockdown Competitions

2011 Rengokai European Knockdown Championships -1st Place LW

2013 IFK World Knockdown Tournament – 3rd Place

2014 Rengokai European Knockdown tournament – 1st place

We were joined by karateka from Quebec, IFK USA, and as far away as IFK France bringing the total number of participants to 56 karateka.

The seminar from day one was fantastic, and focused primarily on Sensei Stringer’s wast experience (over 25 years) in Kyokushin. That is to say, how he projected his physical attributes to his fighting style and moving in general.

Day 1 of the seminar was dedicated to generating power from stances and body position. He explained that this is of large importance to him, as lightweight fighter. While demonstrating it was immediately evident why he is on the world platform of fighters. His explosiveness, power and speed was incredible to see. Everyone in attendance was in awe of his demos.

Day 2 was split between morning outdoor class at a local park, where we covered Kihon and Kata.

Sensei Mikhail Zimerman, who was awarded his 4th Dan by the IFK Canada and Country representative, Sensei Steve Fogarasi, also joined us.

Sensei Zimerman has over 23 years in Kyokushin Karate, and 3-time participant at the IFK World Championships (placing 5th in 2002 and 6th in 2005). Not to mention a Multiple national and North American champion, including multiple holder of the Gold Cup and Kanreykai Championships. This coupled with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education make Sensei Zimerman an amazing instructor, along with a great sense of humour.

The second part of day 2 was focused on movement and speed. Sensei Stringer demonstrated, how to counteract defensively and utilize chain strikes. Like the previous day, there were a lot of partner drills and opportunity for everyone to practice and ask questions of Sensei Stringer and Sensei Zimmerman. There combined wealth of experience and knowledge was remarkable and everyone really enjoyed their perspectives and coaching. We completed day two with many rounds of sparring, and people got a chance to spar the Sensei’s, which in and of itself was a great learning.

Saturday evening was the Sayonara party and gathering a local Chinese buffet restaurant.

As there were many people testing throughout the seminar, the last day was kids morning training session and awarding certificates, followed by the adults last training and awarding of certificates.

It was an amazing seminar and everyone who attended raved about the level of instruction and the knowledge they walked away with. It was a spectacular event.

Sensei Steve Fogarasi and Sempai Mici Fogarasi would like to thank, on behalf of IFK Canada, Sensei Daren Stringer for coming from the UK to offer his teaching and knowledge, as well as Sensei Mikhail Zimerman from Quebec for participating in the instruction and sharing his knowledge, and all the participants and karateka who joined us from near and far.

Scott Heaney.


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