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Leaders of KWU SENSHI are legends who passed the unique “100 men” kumite test

The world-renowned instructors of the 18th edition of the KWU SENSHI International Martial Arts Summer Camp – Shihan Akira Masuda, Shihan Francisco Filho, and Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili are some of the world’s most elite fighters to have completed the Hyaku Nin Kumite (‘100 men’) heavy Kyokushin challenge.

Kyokushin presents a monumental challenge to the strength, will, and spirit of the best karateka – the ‘100 men’ kumite. This test, introduced by the karate style’s founder, Masutatsu Oyama, was designed to push fighters to transcend their limits, transform their spirit and body into steel, and attain the knowledge of absolute truth. In the modern history of Kyokushinkai, not so many men have been able to rise above themselves and conquer this test, a testament to the potential for personal transformation within this martial art.

This kumite challenge is held with 100 people consistently, according to the rules of Kyokushin. Each sparring (fight) lasts about 2 minutes. It is an extreme test of the fighters’ overall physical and mental endurance, a true testament to their strength and resilience. Typically, the person undergoing the test must face opponents of similar or higher rank, and it is possible for the fighters to face each other again several times during the course of the test. During the ‘100 fight’ kumite, the karate fighter not only had to fight 100 opponents but also had to meet several other requirements: if he fell to the floor, he must not lie down for more than 5 seconds, and in addition, he had to win half of the fights. Not everyone was determined to be tested, and some of those who did dare suffered defeat.

Shihan Akira Masuda is the 12th fighter in the world to have passed the ‘100 men’ kumite – one of the toughest tests in Kyokushin Karate, the style created by Masutatsu Oyama. Akira Masuda (ラスト サムライ), the Last Samurai, was 1990 All Japan champion, completing the tough “Hyaku Nin Kumite” competition in 1991 under the watchful eye of his teacher, Masutatsu Oyama, in just 3 hours and 22 minutes. Shihan Masuda, one of the respected instructors of KWU SENSHI camps in the country, has many high martial achievements – 2nd place at the 5th World Championships in 1991 and 3rd place at the 4th Open World Championships in 1987. He participated in 4 World Championships, always finishing on the podium. He is also the President of KWU SENSHI.

Shihan Francisco Filho of Brazil is one of the few karatekas to have successfully passed the Mas Oyama test more than once. In 1995, Francisco Filho overcame the 100-fight challenge in two separate trials, once in Brazil and then in Japan. Shihan Filho is also a regular mentor to young fighters at martial arts summer camps in Bulgaria and a referee at SENSHI international fight galas. He is a 2-time K-1 Grand Prix Champion, 1999 Absolute World Champion, 1997 World Champion, 4-time Brazilian Champion, 3-time South American Champion, President of KWU SENSHI South America, and member of the Board of KWU SENSHI.

One of the last martial artists to complete the difficult challenge in 2014 was Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili of Georgia, one of the most outstanding achievements and honors for any fighter. Sensei Nikoleishvili is one of the best Kyokushin Karate competitors in the world – Absolute World Champion in 2011, Absolute Champion of Japan in 2010, Japanese Category Champion in 2010, Champion of Europe in 2010, and a member of the Board of KWU SENSHI Europe. His experience and guidance can be learned by all participants of the international summer camp, which gathers over two thousand young talents worldwide.

Very soon, from June 30 to July 7, in Kamchia, with great interest, the XVIII International Summer Camp KWU SENSHI for martial arts will be held. In the first week of July, the next edition of the prestigious World Cup Varna will be held on July 2 for young karate kyokushin competitors from different countries. The KWU SENSHI World Cup for Amateurs will kick off on July 4 and 5 with qualifying matches, elimination rounds, and semi-finals. The final bouts will occur on July 6 – during the SENSHI 22 international sporting event.

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