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Shihan Nicholas Pettas: From Street Brawl to SENSHI Presenter (video)

Discover the inspiring journey of Shihan Nicholas Pettas, whose martial arts odyssey began on the cold streets of Copenhagen. From a life-changing street fight at 14 to triumphs in the K1 Grand Prix, Shihan Nic’s story is one of resilience and passion.

Shihan Pettas’s transformation from a determined teenager donning his first kimono to a global martial arts icon. Experience the highs of victory, the pain of 17 broken bones, and the unforgettable moment of unity with 40,000 spectators in Japan. He openly shares his biggest mistake—lack of humility—and the valuable lesson it taught him. Discover how respect in the ring, both for oneself and opponents, defines a true martial artist.

An interesting part is Shihan Pettas’s life post-retirement, where he now takes center stage as the presenter of SENSHI gala fights. Objectively, he believes he’s still in the ring, offering viewers a unique perspective at the heart of martial arts events.

Which is the biggest mistake that you have made and that now you teach young people to avoid? “Stay humble. Just stay humble. I couldn’t do it. My teacher used to teach me to keep my head down but to look up. And to keep humble. We aim very high, at the sky, at the peak of the mountain. But if you stick out all the time, you lose everything…”

Embrace the inspiration thanks to the Bulgarian bTV morning show “Before Noon”. Watch now on the link below:

KWU World Cup 2023 YouTube playlist│4-5.07.2023

KWU SENSHI EURO 2021 YouTube playlist

SENSHI 20 YouTube playlist │ 24.02.2024

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