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Self-discipline key in these testing times

Traditional karate and any form of martial arts and combative sports are good for our physical and mental health. Traditional karate teaches us self-discipline, respect, courtesy, and self-control.

During these challenging and unprecedented times, our training helps to keep us grounded. We learn to manage our emotions and think as rationally as possible when confronted with stress. We have to follow guidelines as laid down by others and take the necessary precautions for survival. In the dojo, we too have to take orders from others and stand in-line.

Self-discipline enables us to stick to some sort of routine. It is important that we eat well, stay positive and do perhaps lighter physical training at least twice per week being creative with space and any equipment we may have to hand.

We learn about resilience when we train and it helps us to bounce back again. We learn about loss and defeat in martial arts. We have all failed at some stage on our journey. We sometimes suffer pain in training and in competition but ultimately we know it does not last and does pass in time.

Sometimes we have to dig deep especially when we encounter many set-backs but we learn the spirit of Osu! from the Japanese, meaning to endure for now and ultimately push on and push ahead.

– Ken Fitzpatrick, sensei, Mullingar Kyokushinkai Karate dojo

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