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We’re always looking for shortcuts. Fitness, sports…we LOVE when we get a little “secret” that gives us an edge over the competition an when it comes to training to hit hard – there are a TON of expert opinions.


But after all is said and done and you’ve wasted your time hitting X-RAY paper and flimsy pine boards, sparring with your booties on and practicing your forms…NOTHING and I mean NOTHING replaces HITTING SOMETHING AS HARD AS YOU CAN.

This is why the makiwara was used so extensively in classical karate.

This is why kenjutsu experts would cut bamboo.

Because nothing develops the EXACT skill you want than doing that EXACT SKILL (and punching and kicking air isn’t going to do it).

This makes it 100% certain you’re developing the exact muscles, tendons, striking surfaces and motor skills to accomplish the task.

It’s not that complicated…if you want to get better at something…PRACTICE IT LIKE YOU WANT TO DO IT.

But there’s a catch….

First, you need to practice on something that resembles your target. Like a training dummy, or you can get away with a heavy bag. Anything more elaborate is going to take too much time to build for most people. Before dummies we used to build our own with black pipe, foam, springs and duct tape.

Second, you need to take your time. Can’t use wraps, gloves or hand protection…this is self defense and unless you wear that stuff all day – it’s not going to help you.

Next you need to be patient. Start off slow and let pain be your guide. If you’re injured you can’t train. Let your hands develop the toughness needed to deliver full power. Most people are shocked at how quickly this takes. Especially if you’re using techniques that use the stronger and meatier parts for your hand and body.

Third (and most important) you can’t do this every day…and you’re not going to have to. You’re hands and body will get sore and you need rest because this type of training is a bit uncomfortable (and no one likes doing it).

Plus – if you’re hands are too sore from hitting hard, you’re not going to come to class three and four times a week and master koo ki do doesn’t collect the tuition he needs with the one lesson a week plan. Instead it’s easier to line you up in rows, have you strike the air and pull your punches when you spar.

No one gets hurt, no one gets discouraged and EVERYONE comes to class!!!

Unfortunately this is doing NOTHING for your power and turning your cupcake hands into granite.

Instead it’s giving you a false sense of confidence, that will probably get you out of most situations, but when someone calls your bluff, your punch is going to be about as effective as a pie in the face.

It’s no wonder that makiwaras are few and far between and most times…covered in dust.

This type of training is hard – but NEEDED if you ever think you’re going to strike someone outside the dojo, dojang, gym, studio or school.

The same can (and should) be said for weapon training.

How the hell can you become an expert in the bo staff if you’ve never hit anything with it? In fact, you should do most of your training HITTING SOMETHING.

I love the knife and stick fighting experts who never practice stabbing or striking something with full force. Again, this is not a once in a while thing…THIS SHOULD BE ALL OF YOUR TRAINING.

Actually hitting, striking and stabbing develops REAL “ikken hissatsu”. Not the crap most instructors claim to teach.

When you stab something for real, you will immediately fix your grip, angle of attack, power of your thrust.

Now do it 100, 200, 1000 times.

Apply that to every core technique.

Give it 4 to 7 days rest and do it again.

I guarantee you in a month you’re going to hit, stab and strike harder than ever before.

1 to 3 times a week is all you will need.

Your body will figure it out.

My business doesn’t depend on your buying year long memberships, testing fees, or making sure you bring a friend.

My business depends on giving you the truth – all of the information you need for self defense and the tools to develop your skill just like we’ve been doing for decades.

Whether or not you choose to do it is up to you…but at least I’m not going to be calling, emailing or making you feel bad for missing class.

Look if you want to win competitions and trophies, go join a martial arts school – but if you want know exactly how to protect yourself and your loved ones without the crouching contract, hidden promotion test fee, then you’ve come to the right place.

Train Honestly,


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