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Kyokushin is about “Respect”, “Gratitude”, “Modesty” and “Diligence”

RespectAfter more than 18 years of training Kyokushin Karate

I found some items very important in our Karate path.

Respect: As a martial artist, we should respect elder and younger people, we should respect higher and lower grades. We should respect our opponents as well. We should respect with all our hearts.

Gratitude: As a Karateka we should be thankful of God because we are healthy and we have the chance to do sport and martial arts. We should be thankful of our parents because they made the requirements for us to enroll in a dojo. We should be thankful of our instructors because they trained us and taught us whatever they know and still they are teaching us. We should be thankful of our dojo members and our teammates because of many days and moment we practice Kyokushin standing next to each other in the same dojo.

Modesty: I found so many champions very modest during these years. Actually I learned from them that being a champion lasts for some years, but modesty helps a champion to be a hero for the next generation. This is the real respect as Mas Oyama said in his words.

Diligence: One of the secrets of success in martial arts and especially in Kyokushin is being diligent and hard-worker. It is not important how much you try. It is important that how tough you are. When everybody stops trying, is the exact moment you should resist and continue your efforts in your path.OSU!Rasool Jalaiyan (Dan 4)Dojo owner and instructorJalaiyan Karate Dojo (JKD)

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