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Kids karate: Team building and leadership games at the end of the class

One of the best gifts

that you can provide for your kids is the opportunity to possess the traits necessary for a successful life. Kyokushin is Budō Karate, and the traits taught are the building blocks of integrity, honesty, empathy, leadership, and responsibility. It naturally builds confidence in a young person.

The art of Kyokushin Karate is unique in that it is not just a “self-defense” form. Though there are no more samurai, the ethics and standards still live on in the teachings of various schools of martial arts, like Kyokushin Karate.

Children learning Karate at Contact Kicks begin by practicing basic skills, which are the foundation of the art. These skills improve and build coordination and balance. The children are always ACTIVE in their art as they progress. No other sport or activity can give your child a better program for personal development, growth and achievement!

Video from Contact Kicks Martial Arts

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