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Kancho Royama: How I was praised by Sosai Oyama

When I was 19 years old, I was an instructor at Ikebukuro Sohonbu.

One day, I got too much into a practicing, and threw my student away. And the mirror was broken.

The next day, Sosai Oyama called me and told me that “You don’t get this month salary.” At that time, it was middle of February and had recordable snowing Tokyo area. Even Sosai Oyama told me so, I was optimistic. I thought still I can get my salary end of the month. But, really, I didn’t get it. I was surprised, but it gave me the feeling of “not quitting Karate”. For next month, without money, I spent whole month for miserable time. Sosai Oyama was very strict master. However, it was normal thought at that time. So, I was got into practicing Karate.

After past year for Karate instructor at Sohonbu, I went to Sohonbu for like other morning. I went to 2nd floor, and just looked at the wall. There was a notification that saying “ Hatsuo Royama is expelled.” The reason why I was expelled was not I was able to understand. And I don’t really remember about that reason. (For more details, it will cut it for now.)

There is no time for anything but I had leave the Sohonbu. Even though, that incident was happened, I still thought that I wanted to be more strong. Nothing changed my thought. Somehow, Sosai Oyama words crossed my mind.

“To be a man who can say that I don’t need money, name nor my heart.”

After left Kyokushin Kaikan, I let myself more practiced every day. During those period, I learned Boxing and Kick Boxing. In Kick Boxing, First Arashigoro, as a ring name, I fought 2 matches.(2 fights 2 KO won)

Also, I was able to meet Sensei Kenichi Sawai, and Sensei Hideo Nakamura. It was unfortunate, but was happy things. The expelled disposal was not what I can understand that. But because of that, I learned a lot of things. When I came back to Kyokushin Kaikai, fortunately, I was able to win the 5th All Nippon Karate Tournament.

This was what happened at the end of year party in that year.

Sosai Oyama said begging of the end of year party.

“Someone who had dissatisfied and left Sohonbu, sometimes, those people toward spear, or sometimes threw at me filth, are unrespect my students. Although, he had unreasonable expelled, only Royama didn’t do those acts. Royama, he is the only real respect of budoka.”

For me, it was overwhelmed such a Sosai words.

I can’t think of that it was first time I was praised from Sosai.

Even now, it is unforgettable memories.

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