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We’ve always dreamed to see a fight between these two

2013 KWU World Champion Arsen Khachatryan and 2015 KWU World Champion Igor Ryadnov

made a demonstrative fight during the IFK RUSSIA WINTER SCHOOL CUP which took place in the framework of the judicial seminar on kumite at the Winter School of the Federation of Kyokushin of Russia – FKR

No one was injured or offended during the fight! The video is part of the judges’ entire training process.

3 KWU World Champions (from left to right) Evgeniy Mamro (2013), Arsen Hachatryan (2013), Igor Ryadnov (2015)

KWU World Cup 2022 YouTube playlist│5.07.2022

SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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