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10 funny Moments of Kyokushin Karate training

During warm-ups, someone might let out an unexpected fart, leading to some giggles and embarrassed looks from their training partners.

When practicing punches, someone might accidentally hit themselves in the face, leading to some comical reactions.

If the dojo is hot and sweaty, someone might slip and slide around on the mats, looking like they’re doing an unintentional dance routine.

During partner stretches, someone might accidentally kick their partner in the face, leading to some surprised and humorous reactions.

If someone forgets to tie their belt properly, it can come loose during training and end up around their ankles, leading to some comedic moments.

If someone is particularly loud during their kiai (shout), it can startle and amuse their training partners.

If someone is wearing loose clothing, it can get caught on something or fly up during training, leading to unintentional exposure and laughter.

During a break in training, someone might tell a funny joke or story, leading to some laughter and bonding between training partners.

If the dojo has a resident cat or dog, they might decide to join in on the training, leading to some hilariously unexpected moments. Very good moment btw to film it and upload it on social media. Might become a viral video. 

If someone is particularly flexible, they might show off some impressive contortionist moves during stretches, leading to some amused and impressed reactions from their training partners.

and one more bonus moment:

Someone might forget which way they’re supposed to turn during a kata, leading to some very awkward-looking movements.

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