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IFK Canada: The 1st Annual Technical Seminar

The 1st Annual Technical Seminar for IFK Canada in Laval, Quebec

was held this past weekend organized and hosted by Karate Laval , Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond.

1st Annual Technical Seminar

The weather did not cooperate , we had a snow storm the day before the seminar and the day of the seminar was a cold and rainy weather, reason why some students could not make it, including the dojo from Magog, QC Sensei Jennefer Lacroix. Continue reading “IFK Canada: The 1st Annual Technical Seminar”

My Karate – Short history, written by Sensei Steve Fogarasi

Originally posted on CONTACT KICKS:

My name is Steve Fogarasi, I am 42 years old and I have been practicing karate for 27 years. I hold a black belt 3rd Dan under the IFK (International Federation of Karate – Hanshi Steve Arneil) and I represent Canada. Currently I am the owner and operator of Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Toronto. [Editor’s note: Sensei Fogarasi is now 4th Dan – 2015]

 Beginning : Continue reading “My Karate – Short history, written by Sensei Steve Fogarasi”

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With or Without Padding? That is the Question

The Martial Way kyokushin blog share with us this important Question of our time:

I have been off training for over a week due to moving, and having a nasty cold. I returned on Friday, and it felt really good to back at Contact Kicks Dojo with everyone. Friday’s at our dojo, like most Kyokushin dojo’s, really concentrates on kumite. It’s often referred to as “fight night“. This friday was no different. Continue reading “With or Without Padding? That is the Question”

Message from IFK Canada President

Dear respected IFK Canada members,

As we begin the New Year, I want to thank everyone for the commitment and contributions in IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization. Though we have not been around long, the excitement and enthusiasm can be felt!

We recently democratically elected the IFK Canada Kyokushin board members and we outlined a plan that we will start implementing this year. I have an immense respect and admiration for all our board members who dedicated their own time and resources to make founding IFK Canada a reality. Continue reading “Message from IFK Canada President”