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Steve Fogarasi – Thoughts for a new year

Sensei Steve FogarasiI don’t have all the answers and

I don’t always know what is the best thing to do. I can’t tell you that my way is the only way, not even close. I don’t know if you will succeed or not reaching your goals. No one knows that for sure.

All I can tell you is this: I have been learning martial arts for 30 years and I am still learning, everyday. Sometimes from others, sometimes from my own mistakes. I am observing and absorbing as much as I can, everywhere and all the time.

I know that only you can decide if you will commit finding your own way, maybe with my help, maybe on your own.

I am in the dojo everyday, sometimes by necessity , but most of the times because that is my most favorite place to be. Funny thing is that, the moment I started training in martial arts, I knew that this is it for me. There was nothing more interesting and captivating in my life than martial arts. I consider myself lucky.

My goal is to always learn and better myself, to live a healthy and balanced life.
My advice to my new students , or just new martial artist in general is that if you decided to study a martial art you should take advantage of every single opportunity you have to learn and to experience as much as you possibly can. Don’t hold back, don’t do half measures ! It will be a waste of time otherwise. Do it with all your heart and soul ! Be full of joy and excitement ! You are alive ! Shout loud OSU !

Steve Fogarasi, Toronto, Ontario



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