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Invitation to NKKO Summer Camp in Norway

Here is the invitation to the NKKO summer camp in Norway

from 28. June to 02. July 2017

 NKKO summer camp

The camp is open to all styles and organizations. The camp motto is: – TIME TO BE UNITED –

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Kyokushin Winter Camp in Norway

Kyokushin Winter Camp in Norway

26-29 January in Etne, with Shihan Javier Lezcano and Sensei Pablo Estensoro

Last weekend, Etne Kyokushin Karate Club, led by Sensei Geir Havreberg, invited to an international Kyokushin Winter Camp in Etne – Norway.
This is the 17th Winter Camp in a row in Etne, and this year we created Kyokushin history. Continue reading “Kyokushin Winter Camp in Norway”