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Kyokushin Winter Camp in Norway

Kyokushin Winter Camp in Norway

26-29 January in Etne, with Shihan Javier Lezcano and Sensei Pablo Estensoro

Last weekend, Etne Kyokushin Karate Club, led by Sensei Geir Havreberg, invited to an international Kyokushin Winter Camp in Etne – Norway.
This is the 17th Winter Camp in a row in Etne, and this year we created Kyokushin history.

Sensei Geir have for years worked for Kyokushin in Norway through his engagement in the National BUDO federation. The aim has been to establish a better collaboration platform for Kyokushin Athletes in Norway. This year the hard work resulted in 200 athletes, representing 32 clubs, 4 organizations, and 70 black belts. All training together with Mas. Oyama’s legacy as common ground.

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Head instructors of the camp were Sensei Geir Havreberg, together with Sensei Tom Sølve Erga. In addition to our senior Senseis we invited Shihan Javier Lezcano back as guest instructor. He was accompanied by Sensei Pablo Estensoro, both from Spain. Our good friends and excellent instructors led us through different sessions of fight, kihon and kata. The methods, intensity and philosophy of the sessions were highly appreciated by all students. The feedback is great and we already look forward to next year.

The legacy of Masutatsu Oyama brings us all together, and the main slogan of the camp was TIME TO BE UNITED

We would like to send a special thanks to instructors and friends from other federations who chose to come to Etne and train with us; Shihan Svein Dallavara, president of IFK Norway.

Sensei Bjørn Willumsen, main instructor of Tromsø Karate Club, and member of the World So-Kyokushin federation.
It was also a great privilege for us to have Sensei Darren Stringer visit the camp together with people from Sandnes IFK. They chose to spend the Saturday with us and Sensei Darren took part in some of the sessions, leaving us with some great inspirational memories.
We also welcomed Sensei Bo Vidar Larsen from Shinkyokushin Norway. The Norwegian Budo Federation was also invited, and it’s always fruitful and engaging to have its general secretary Mr. Trond Søvik visiting us, together with Sensei Bjørn Solberg and Jannikke Berger. Great to have you all with us. OSU!!!

The camp started Thursday evening, and continued throughout the weekend with 3 sessions per day. So everybody was tired and happy when the last session started in its traditional way on Sunday. All athletes warming up together, before the kumite session started. Fights of one minute, throughout a good hour of free kumite. Chose a partner, OSU!! Hajime!

Black belts with white belts, children with adults, young with old… every mix is ok and everybody learning from each other.
Sensei Pablo was also heavily involved in the training of the National Full-Contact Team together with the national coach Sensei Odd-Kjetil Liland. The fighters were very happy to have such skilled and emphatic instructors with in depth knowledge of fight, fight strategy and training philosophy.
We also had the pleasure of having Sensei John de Keijzer from Holland and SamuraiDojo in Etne. Sensei John brought with him 4 other students from Holland, and we appreciate our new friendship a lot and look forward to welcome even more students at next years winter camp in Etne.

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In Norway; Never have so many black belts been gathered in one room before. Never have the Etne Winter Camp had so many meals served to so many hungry hard-training athletes. Never have so many athletes from so many different federations joined forces and shared the true Kyokushin Spirit and legacy of our founder Masutatsu Oyama.

TIME TO BE UNITED has grown stronger and more relevant in Norway during these days. We also wish to thank NKKO (Norwegian Kyokushin Karate Organization) and its board of directors, led by Branch Chief Sensei Geir Rune Tøge. Great support and truly a great federation to be member of.
Finally yet importantly, a big thank you to everyone that joined this extraordinary camp and contributed to build a stronger and better Kyokushin movement in Norway.

With best regards, and Kyokushin spirit!
Etne Kyokushin Karate Club
Frode S. Robberstad, 2.Dan, Board Member and Camp organizer.

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