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Rapport from the NKKO Norway (KWF) winter camp 2019

From Wednesday the 30th of January to Sunday

the 3rd of February Shihan Geir Havreberg, Sensei Frode Robberstad and members of Etne Karate Club organized the annual winter camp.

This year we had a record high attendance with 220 students from five different organizations, five different countries and 77 black belts.

NKKO Norway

Our instructors this year were: Continue reading “Rapport from the NKKO Norway (KWF) winter camp 2019”

KWF Norway Summer camp 2018

We have the pleasure to invite you to KWF Norway Summer camp

from Wednesday 27 June to Sunday 1st July. We will have a great time and enjoy karate training in lovely surroundings and with top class instructors.

Shihan Loek Hollander, 10 Dan, is the Honorary President of KWF and is a legend within Kyokushin karate. He trained directly under Sosai Oyama, and was considered Sosai’s “son”. He was one of the pioneers who helpt build up our karate in Europe, Russia and the rest of the world. Continue reading “KWF Norway Summer camp 2018”