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Michael Monaco’s IFK tournament in Rochester, New York

Shihan Nathan Ligo shared the news on his Facebook profile:

Kyokushin-kan kata Tournament results at IFK tournament in Rochester, New York

Nathan Ligo

Congratulations to Anna Zehr for her first place win in her Green Belt division. I took 2nd place in men’s Masters division. Continue reading “Michael Monaco’s IFK tournament in Rochester, New York”

2017 IFK Canada Kyokushin Summer Camp & Retreat REPORT

Last weekend was the 1st Annual IFK Canada Kyokushin Summer Camp & Retreat,

led by IFK Canada President Sensei Steve Fogarasi, along with VP Sensei Jonathan Hémond and Sensei Mikhail Zimerman.

ifk canada camp report

The camp was held at The Glen House Resort, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. In the beautiful 1000 Islands of Ontario, half way between Toronto and Montreal, straddling the border of the U.S. and Canada. The area is a vacation getaway both for locals and visitors around the world, and is an absolutely beautiful and historic part of Canada. Continue reading “2017 IFK Canada Kyokushin Summer Camp & Retreat REPORT”


I still remember pulling up to the dojo on that Friday for the first time.

I sat in my car for a while, contemplating what I was about to do. Questioning myself. “Am I too old to be starting this”? I almost didn’t get it out. I was going to start up the car and go back home. Can you imagine if I did? How different things would be now! I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that I made the right choice and stepped inside Sensei Steve Fogarasi’s dojo.


In this short time I have learnt more about myself than if I was in therapy. I have made new friends, gained some confidence (with a way to go) and most of all, I have learned valuable lessons that have not only helped me in the dojo, but in life as well. Continue reading “Mokuso”

My Karate – Short history, written by Sensei Steve Fogarasi

Originally posted on CONTACT KICKS:

My name is Steve Fogarasi, I am 42 years old and I have been practicing karate for 27 years. I hold a black belt 3rd Dan under the IFK (International Federation of Karate – Hanshi Steve Arneil) and I represent Canada. Currently I am the owner and operator of Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Toronto. [Editor’s note: Sensei Fogarasi is now 4th Dan – 2015]

 Beginning : Continue reading “My Karate – Short history, written by Sensei Steve Fogarasi”