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IFK Canada: Kyokushin Karate Seminar 2023

IFK Canada had the privilege of hosting a seminar with Shihan Janine Davies, 6th Dan from Wales, UK. She is an esteemed martial artist and competitor, as well as the chief kata referee for IFK Kyokushin. From September 21-24, students could learn directly from one of the most accomplished female practitioners in IFK Kyokushin.

After the 2019 World Kata seminar and championship in the Netherlands, IFK Canada knew they had to share this incredible experience with their members back home. However, due to the global pandemic, they had to postpone their planned seminar multiple times. Now that conditions have improved, IFK Canada is excited to finally be able to present this fantastic event for all of its Canadian members.

The seminar was attended by over 70 participants from Canada and the USA, spanning multiple belt levels from white to 6th Degree Black Belts. Everyone felt satisfied after learning the basics, forms, and fighting techniques with Shihan Janine’s meticulous teaching style. She expects focus and discipline in return for her 100% commitment to demonstrating the correct execution of every technique she teaches.

After the seminar, grading for black belt rank was conducted, and all three candidates passed. IFK Canada is thankful to Shihan Janine and Shihan Chris for their teachings, and everyone who attended has committed to refining what they have learned. We hope everyone gained valuable lessons from this experience and had a wonderful time.

For additional photos and videos, please visit IFK Canada’s Facebook page. IFK Canada Media Page


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