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Kyokushin-kan Bulgaria: Zahari Damyanov – Honoured Master of Sports

Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin  Federation (BKKF) awards the best karatekas for the past 2016 year

The awarding ceremony of the best karatekas for BKKF was held for the third  year.

At a special ceremony on January 13th were awarded with master degrees contestants with the most achievements in 2016 and those who have the greatest merit in the development of Karate Kyokushin in Bulgaria.

Special Award “Honoured Master of Sports” went to world champion in the absolute category Zahari Damyanov.

The three “golden” girls – Monika Dimitrova, Valeria Lozanova and Lubomira Nikolova, who won first places in the 5th Open World Youth Championship in early December in Varna, Bulgaria. They were awarded with a degree “Master of Sports”. Such awards received and Nikolay Atanasov, Christian Doychev, Yordan Yordanov Plamen Dobrev. With title Candidate Masters of sport were identified Nikola Kjuchukov, Jasmina Yancheva, Mihail Parkov, Stoyan Ilchev, Dimitar Dimitrov Svetoslav Stoykov and Maria Chepilova.

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Thus BKKF thanked the athletes who glorified country with numerous medals from different European, international and World championships in Kyokushin Karate and are proactive in the development of martial arts in the country.

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