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Kyokushin-kan Bulgaria: The Golden girls from the 5th Youth KWUCHAMP 2016

Monika Dimitrova, Valeria Lozanova and Lubomira Nikolova are golden girls

of Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation (BKKF). Winners from the 5th KWU World Open Kyokushin karate championship for juniors, held in Varna, Bulgaria.

The girls defeated their opponents in the age group 16-17 years old.

“The competition was very forceful, one of the toughest in which we competed. There was great competitors from Russia and Japan, and especially the finals, our finals were really heavy too” shared champions.

Monika Dimitrova, who had final against competitor from Russia, said that the most difficult moment for her was the beginning of the fight:

“After that, the will to win played, I had more will and I succeeded,” she said.

“For me the final was the most difficult also,” said Lubomira Nikolova – “It was with all possible extensions. Because the opponent was from Kazakhstan and she is really very strong, we were rather equal but then with support of the audience again and the will for win, this help me.”

Valeria Lozanova faced off a competitor from Japan:

“I was very worried because all my losses I’ve had at an international forum until now, have always been by Japanese girl. They are very skillful and can surprise me at all times. But after as I got on the tatami all my worries disappeared.”


And here are finals on video by SuperKarate.RU

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