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Strand training KIYOZUMI

Under a beautiful Ouddorpse sun, the 8th Karateschool Kiyozumi beach training was held last Saturday taking into account the current Corona measures.

The members of Kiyozumi were supplemented with karateka from various schools from all over the Netherlands and some students from Belgium so that the total number of participants came to 120. In addition, the various Dutch instructors with special guests both main instructors Shihan Gerard van Kessel and Shihan Paul Lorist.

The participants were divided into six groups by age and graduation. A special mention deserves the people who were divided into a separate group without karate experience and participated hard all day long. In four-lesson blocks, all aspects of Kyokushin Karate were reviewed, from the warm-up through basic exercises (kihon) to kata and combat training conducted by world champion Valance Bickel. The training day was traditionally closed by both head coaches Dominic Monasso and Andre van Wezel with a piece of stamina, ending with a fresh dive into the sea.

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