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IFK Uruguay National Kata Tournament

IFK Uruguay has adapted to this unusual year with social distancing due to COVID-19. Thus, IFK Uruguay 6th annual National Tournament covering several modalities for 2020 took the form of a Kata Virtual Tournament with over 50 competitors.

This has proved to be an excellent way to keep everyone motivated, training, and technically improving, even when the living rooms and yards have become our Dojos and we can only see each other virtually.

Results for the 6th IFK Uruguay National Kata Tournament were as follows:

Black Belt Males category
1° Gonzalo Bentancur 
2° Santiago Mosco
3° Cesar Acosta & Mario Hornos

Black Belt Females category
1° Maite De León
2° Noelia Fabre
3° Natalia Odacio

Brown Belt Adults category
1° puesto Claudia López
2° puesto Jonhatan Funez
3° puesto Yonathan Perez

Brown Belt Cadets category
1° Guzmán Centurión
2° Lautaro Hornos
3° Joaquín Mesa

Green Belt category
1° Juan Pablo Bianchi
2° Johann Castro

Yellow Belt category
1° Juliana Latorre
2° Agustina Latorre
3° Martín Machado

Yellow Belt Children category
1° Santiago Cuenca
2° Joaquin Fernandez
3° Julieta Majstruk

Blue belt Adults category
1° Diego Alegresa
2° Nicolás Mosco
3° Alvaro Pérez

Blue Belt Cadets category
1° Matías Tarragona
2° Erika Gomez
3° Martina Nievas

Blue Belt Children category
1° Avril Carballo
2° Tatiana Nesteruk
3° Renzo Barragán & Juan Ignacio Bonilla

Red Belt Adults category
1° Nicolás Caró
2° Clara Monteiro
3° Antonio Madrid

Red Belt Children category
1° Avril Diaz
2° Poul Reccioppe

Red Belt Children (Kihon) category
1° Moirana Verde
2° Bruno Martinez & Juan Ignacio Goro
3° Bruna Cerrilla & Ian Kovacs

Judge: Sensei Germán Carballo.

Referees: Senpais Santiago Mosco, Noelia Fabre, Mario Hornos, Maite De León, Cesar Acosta, Gonzalo Diaz.

Competitors who classified to represent IFK Uruguay in the 2020 IFK Americas Kata Virtual Tournament taking place on July 4 and 5, 2020:
Gonzalo Bentancur
Santiago Mosco
Maite De León
Noelia Fabre
Claudia López
Jonathan Funez
Guzmán Centurión
Lautaro Hornos

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