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Being Fair is an Iron Rule of Game

When I was a Branch Chief of Saitama Prefecture,


it was my job to pick up Sosai Mas Oyama from Honbu and drive to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium where the All Japan and World Karate Tournament was held. I remember one time there was organization disorder, and right after, I was driving Sosai to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for the All Japan Tournament. Continue reading “Being Fair is an Iron Rule of Game”

The Beginner’s Guide to Kyokushin Karate

When a person decides to embark on a new hobby

it can be extremely daunting, and even more so when you’re an adult and then adding to the mix something like martial arts.

You start doing research on schools in your area, to decide which might be best for you. You stumble upon one that offers something called Kyokushin Karate. “Hmm, that sounds traditional and interesting”. However, upon a little further investigation, perhaps mixed with a few youtube videos, and you might be like, “hell no! Those people are crazy!” But, don’t let that stuff detour you. Continue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Kyokushin Karate”

Kyokushin Karate is Eternal Immortal

Kyokushin Karate is Eternal Immortal

One week before Sosai Mas Oyama passed away, I was called by Sosai to St. Luke’s International Hospital where he was hospitalized.

Sosai Mas Oyama passed away

When I entered the hospital room, Sosai sat on the bed and stared at his fist for a long time. Continue reading “Kyokushin Karate is Eternal Immortal”

These 18 Pictures Will Show Which Muscles You Stretch

Stretching is important

not only to those who actively do sports but also to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Bright Side shares with you these exercises. They will help you to keep your body fit and show which muscles were involved in each exercise.

Important Note: Don’t forget to breathe normally, and make sure you feel no pain. Hold each position for 10 to 30 seconds.

Continue reading “These 18 Pictures Will Show Which Muscles You Stretch”

Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick

Axe kicks are a little debatable as to whether or not

they are actually effective as an offensive technique, and you often only really find them coming out towards the end of bouts as the combatants tire and their opponent’s defense lowers a little.

Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick

Because of the flexibility required to perform an effective axe kick, in other words striking directly on the collar bone, this kick is most associated with female fighters and the young, though there is nothing stopping a full grown man doing it every now and then. Continue reading “Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick”