Month: January 2016

Shihan Hennie Bosman Seminar in USA

Sensei Omar CamporaShihan Hennie Bosman Seminar in USA wrote:

Shihan Hennie Bosman, it was an honor and an immense pleasure for us to have trained with you. Your precious time was of great importance for us. Your involvement and interest towards our organization is a great support and you left a powerful impression upon us. Your step would serve as an initiative and we want to express our deepest gratitude towards you. We look forward to seeing you again and welcome the opportunity to learn from you in the future. Osu!



A friendly tournament, organized by Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan

A friendly tournament between Khost, Paktya, and Ghazni

successfully held in Khost province.

Report prepared by: Ihsan

On Friday 22 January 2016, in Southeast region Khost province, a friendly tournament between Paktya Khost and Ghazni provinces successfully held in municipality conference Hall Khost city. The tournament organized by Sensei Rahmanullah Wisal Mangal under the Leadership of Sensei Sabiri.

The aim of this tournament was to select 2016 provincial and regional team for the upcoming open national tournament and also to increase friendship, mutual understanding, and to improve and develop Kyokushin Karate in the provinces. Continue reading “A friendly tournament, organized by Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan”

Letter of gratitude for Boris Alexeyev

Minister of Sport and Youth Policy Nicolay Chuprov

handed the letter of gratitude from the Chief Judge of the 2nd KWU World championship and of the Presidential Representative to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev on the Executive director of the Khabarovsk airport Boris Alexeyev. He also received our mascot Khabrick and a CD with recordings of fights.

Picture by Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy



3 Keys to Achieve Incredible Kime in Your Karate Techniques

Do you want to improve your kime? Of course you want it!

kimeKime is that magical ingredient separating good Karate practitioners from great practitioners.

It’s that split-second neuromuscular contraction at the end of your techniques.

There’s nothing magical about it.

It’s simply a matter of correct technique.

There are 3 keys to kime

– The Relaxation

– The Contraction

– The Timing

Most people are good at one or two of these areas. But… you need all three! So, let’s take a closer look to see what you can improve.

Check it out:

1. The Relaxation

Continue reading “3 Keys to Achieve Incredible Kime in Your Karate Techniques”

A martial artist is loyal to his dojo, his team and his teacher…

A martial artist is loyal to his dojo, his team and his teacher.

There is a diference between a fitness gym and a dojo! There is a diference between someone who just works out sometime or a martial artist. Loyalty is one of the eight virtues of the Bushido Code (The Way of the Warrior). It is even more relevant in todays fast world and busy life. One must realize that being a member in a dojo , enters a new univers. A place where we are training our body but also our mind and soul. It is not enough just to pay a monthly membership, that only will not make you a dojo student. This is something that some students must reflect on it! Osu!

Steve Fogarasi Sensei, “Contact Kicks Martial Arts” Vaughan, Canada

martial artist