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Seminar with Kenji Yamaki Cracow, Poland

On 23-24 January 2016 in Cracow YMCA martial arts hall,

International Seminar with shihan Kenji Yamaki took place. 120 instructors and fighters, representing countries: England, Ireland, Czech R., Germany and Poland participated.

Before the seminar, shihan Yamaki visited Cracow’s Marshal Office. Frist training session was focused on improving body work in order to strengthen punching and kicking techiniques. Second training session was focused on work out with sandbags and kicking pads. Following training sessions were focused on kumite combinations and defence techiniques for real fight. An one hour interview with shihan Yamaki was organised, with participation of local tv.

During the closing ceremony, organizer shihan Andre Drewniak expressed his gratitude for shihan Yamaki and invited him to further co-operation. Seminar was translated by sensei Andrzej Zacharski, who came over from Japan.

Seminar was organized by: Polish Kyokushinkai Organization, ARS Klub Kyokushinkai Limanowa and YMCA Cracow. Technical organiser was sensei Arkadiusz Sukiennik. Shihan Robert Wajgelt prepared the photo gallery.

Next seminar with shihan Yamaki will take place in Saragossa, Spain on 18 June 2016


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