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Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (video)

Possessing formidable strength, remarkable swiftness, and the resilience akin to a bison, Masutatsu Oyama was an embodiment of physical prowess. Born in 1923 and living until 1994, he stands as the originator of Kyokushin karate, a martial art distinguished for its focus on physical conditioning and intense full-contact sparring.

Dubbed “The Godhand” for his extraordinary striking capabilities, Mas Oyama achieved a unique feat by completing a 300-man kumite, or sparring session, within a span of three days. His attacks were so potent that even attempts to block them resulted in injury. Despite sustaining injuries himself during the grueling kumite, he persisted in the fight, expressing readiness for a fourth day challenge, though no one dared to accept.

Mas Oyama’s journey from a novice to a modern warrior was a testament to his dedication. He forged his discipline and strength through a challenging life path, ultimately solidifying his legendary status in the martial arts world.


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This video shows Sosai Mas Oyama teaching basic training at the Sohonbu.

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