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Shihan Glaube Feitosa – the Master of Brazilian Mawashi

Shihan Glaube Feitosa (born April 9, 1973) is a Brazilian former kickboxer and a Kyokushin full-contact karate practitioner who was competing in K-1. In 2005, Feitosa won K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in the Las Vegas tournament and was a K-1 World Grand Prix in 2005 finalist. He has gone the distance with some of the top fighters of his time, such as Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjasky, Semmy Schilt, and Errol Zimmerman. An accomplished karate fighter, he was known for his use of the “question mark kick,” utilizing the technique in several knockout victories in his career. Feitosa also holds wins over Cheick Kongo, Alistair Overeem, Ruslan Karaev, and Paul Slowinski.

His interest in karate started when Feitosa was a child, living in Sao Bernardo, in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. “I always liked to watch cartoons on TV and some of them were about karate. In addition to that, my father found me very tall and thin, and he wanted me to gain some muscle because of that I started to train in Kyokushin karate at the age of 12”.

A native of Brazil, Feitosa began training in Kyokushin karate from a young age and fought in several world championship tournaments. While living in Tokyo, Japan he fought and trained in the Kyokushin – Team Ichigeki at the Ichigeki Plaza.

On April 30, 2005, Feitosa won the K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in the Las Vegas tournament with a unanimous decision over Dewey Cooper and two knockouts over Carter Williams and Gary Goodridge. At the eliminations, he lost by decision to Semmy Schilt.

As a reserve fighter Glaube beat Goodridge by unanimous decision and advanced to the semifinals after Peter Aerts had to pull out due to a rib fracture, where he knocked out Musashi with a flying knee to get to the finals where he rematched Semmy Schilt. Glaube lost the fight by a first-round KO after a knee to the head.

As a WGP runner-up, he fought at the 2006 eliminations, beating Paul Slowinski by unanimous decision. He knocked out Ruslan Karaev in the first round and advanced to the semifinals, losing by TKO in the second round to Peter Aerts.

On September 29, 2007, Feitosa met German kickboxer Chalid Arrab at the K-1 World GP 2007 in Seoul Final 16. He won the fight by unanimous decision and qualified himself for K-1 World GP 2007 Final held on December 8, 2007, at the Yokohama Arena, Japan.

Feitosa met two-time defending champion Semmy Schilt. Glaube lost a unanimous decision to Semmy for the third time.

After knocking out Alex Roberts in March 2008, Glaube fought for the new Heavyweight title against Badr Hari at the K-1 World GP 2008 in Fukuoka. Glaube was knocked out in the first round.

At the K-1 World GP 2008, Final 16 Glaube fought the 2008 Amsterdam Champion, Errol Zimmerman. Glaube lost a unanimous decision after being battered by the heavy hands of his opponent over three rounds.

In 2009 Glaube knocked out Junichi Sawayashiki and was voted in by the fans to fight at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Final 16, in a rematch against Errol Zimmerman. Zimmerman won by decision. Glaube has most recently been recruited by Mauricio Shogun Rua to help him prepare for his upcoming fight with Lyoto Machida.

His signature move is his “Brazilian kick,” also known as the question-mark kick, which he managed to land on 6”11 (212 cm) Semmy Schilt!


K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 – Final 8

K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 – Final 8

K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 – Final 8

K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 – Final 8 (3rd place)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 – Final 8 (2nd place)

2005 K-1 World Grand Prix Runner Up

2005 K-1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas Champion

2005 MVP in Kyokushin Karate World Cup in Paris

2003 No.4 in 8th Kyokushin World Open Tournament Championship

1999 No.4 in the 7th Kyokushin World Open Tournament Championship

1997 2nd Place in All World Karate-do Championship-Heavyweight

1997 America’s Cup Karate-do Champion

1997 All South American Karate-do Champion

1997 All Brazil Karate-do Champion

1996 All Brazil Karate-do Champion

1995 No.8 in the 6th Kyokushin World Open Tournament Championship

Active fighting years: 1995 – 2009

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