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Francisco Filho: SENSHI is a great opportunity for the competitors and the audience

SENSHI give the competitors a unique opportunity to show their best, but also for the audience to draw inspiration from the fighters. This is what Kyokushin Absolute World champion Shihan Francisco Filho said in an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

It’s a great opportunity for all competitors, but also for the audience because the audience can feel the energy of the fighters, empathize with that positive energy that inspires people. When a fighter goes out, he just wants to achieve what he wants – his goal. But that desire is transmitted to the audience and they think: I want the same feeling as the fighter! So, everyone can win: the fighter wins because for him it’s an opportunity to do it, and the audience is inspired by the fighters“, he said.

Filho said that he had many failures before becoming a world champion in 1999, but the discipline of martial arts helped him overcome the losses and challenges.

Filho is convinced that sports and karate have the power to change people’s lives. “I always thought that I could do better, that I could work better than I am now, I could be better. Then my way of life improved, and I went to the next level thanks to karate“.

“Keep your head down as a sign of modesty, but look up as ambition, have a goal! Head down – you start doing something with modesty, but you have to have some high goal and then you will succeed,” Filho advised the future contestants.

You can watch the whole interview with Shihan Francisco Filho in the video.

Shihan Francisco Filho is a 2-times K-1 World Grand Prix champion, Absolute World Kyokushin champion, World champion in weight categories, 4-times Champion of the Brazilian Open as well as 3-times South American Champion. He also completed the 100 men Kumite challenge in 1995. Filho was a special guest at the 14th edition of the international professional gala fight night SENSHI on December 3rd at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna.

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