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XI Championship of Saint-Petersburg universities

On this XI Championship of Saint-Petersburg universities

were 90 sportsmen from 16 universities and 4 different organizations. Organizer of the tournament was Sensei Dmitry Savelyev (KWU World champion)

2 divisions of sportsmen competed on this tournament:
Division A – experienced fighters
Division B – novices

But there were tough battles in both divisions.
Spectators didn’t except to see so beautiful and fulminant mawashi geri jodan from Kseniia Doronina to Natalia Konovalova. Both of sportmen are Youth World champions in different organizations, and so it was really unexpected final. In the middle weight Alexander Drozd (winner of the World Cup IBK 2015 and “Diamond Cup” 2016) was the strongest student of Saint-Petersburg. He won his fights with very impressive techniques. In the heavy weight hard low-kicks of Alexei Kulgachev brought him a victory in final.

1 place – Saint-Petersburg Mining University
2 place – Russian Pedagogical University of A.I.Herzen
3 place – Russian Presidential Academy of National economy and public administration.

KWU World Cup 2023 YouTube playlist│4-5.07.2023

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