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USA IFK results from Yukan Tournament in Canada

17 Gray Wolf, Fighting Spirit students, and USA-IFK Honbu Dojos attended the Kanreikai Yukan Tournament in Quebec, Canada on June 10th. The US team represented our organization wonderfully, placing highly in most divisions with a grand total of 24 medals. Congratulations to all of those who competed, we are looking forward to the next!

The full results of the US team are as follows:

USA-IFK Honbu Dojo:
Dominic Veltre – 2nd Place Kata, 2nd Place Weapons, 3rd Place Kumite
Roshna Rai – 1st Place Kata, 2nd Place Kumite
Riya Rai – 1st Place Kata, 2nd Place Kumite
Richard Fernandez – Kata

Fighting Spirit Dojo:
Senpai Reggie Gold – 2nd Place Kata
Senpai Lyric Schenker – 1st Place Kumite
Caitlyn Anderson – 1st Place Kumite, 2nd Place Kata
Mason Salvestrini – 1st Place Kumite
Jack Dunphy – 2nd Place Kumite

Gray Wolf Dojo:
Ryan Coots – 3rd Place Kata, 3rd Place Kumite
Keira an Roo – 3rd Place Kata
Evan Coots – 1st Place Kata, 3rd Place Kumite
Issac Sugar – 1st Place Kumite, 3rd Place Kata
Lucile Harradine – 1st Place Kumite, 2nd Place Kata
Karl Jay Biedlingmaier – 1st Place Kumite, 1st Place Kata
Lorene Biedlingmaier – Kumite
Leah Platt – Kata

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